We Just LOVE this Coffee!

Our shipment of Just Love coffee arrived today and it is fabulous!

I was joking with Donnie that the Love Potion #3 turned us into poets as we tried to find the best adjectives to describe it. It was seriously the most complex, interesting cup of coffee I’ve ever tasted. There were layers of flavors — and NONE of that burnt taste people usually expect from espresso.

It has fruity undertones and after you swallow, the most pleasant flavor lingers in the mouth — I’m not even sure I know how to describe it. Smoothly multi-dimensional. Seriously worth trying.

Later, Donnie made me a cup of I <3 My Mom Decaf –while joking that everyone enjoys mom when she’s decaffeinated. Ha! It was the best decaf I’ve ever had. No lie. It had that same complexity of flavor that was present in the espresso, but with a lighter body. Simply brilliant. Remembering it is making me crave another cup.

Try it and see what I mean. I can’t wait to sample the other coffees Just Love offers, and honestly, I’m stunned that a company producing this great of a product is also so generous as to offer adoptive families like ours $5 for every bag purchased through our link. They could spend that money on bigger advertising and make more income for themselves, but instead they choose to help others. I truly admire that.

I know that we will be Just Love customers LONG after our sweet Pearl has come home.