We Can Do It!

Rosie the Riveter and me, we’ve got some history together. As a retired military wife who endured my husband’s multiple deployments — including a year in Iraq — Rosie inspired me when I reached those discouraging moments.

If she could do it…if all the women she represented could do it…*I* could do it, too.

An ugly, discouraging moment came yesterday, when we learned that we won’t be receiving a grant to help us finish funding this adoption.

I’ll admit–I spent a bit of time battling some anger over their decision last night. Our daughter qualifies as a special-needs adoption because of her age. Sad, but true — very, very few people ever adopt kids her age, a fact that hurts my heart. So I really thought this ministry’s support was a sure thing, especially once they heard that we only needed $3,000 to complete our fundraising.

But the answer was still “No.”

Alrighty, then.

After an evening of pouting, my inner Rosie emerged and I thought, “You know what? We don’t need no stinkin’ grant! We can DO this!”

So I found a cute image generator online, added my statement “Will Work for Daughter” and that is exactly what I’m going to do. What WE are doing as a family.

Not that we haven’t already been doing that. I’m not ashamed to admit that this past year of fundraising has been exhausting. I’m already a very busy, part-time-working, full-time-homeschooling mom of three. Everything adoption-related has been like adding another part-time job to my already overbrimming schedule. I cringe a little inside every time I ask anyone for money or post something about it on Facebook because I find it terribly uncomfortable to do that. Seriously, I am TIRED. And it was that tiredness that made me hope so hard for that grant to come through.

But the fact that we didn’t get it makes me mad. And anger energizes me!

I’ve got a gorgeous, not-so-little girl waiting and hoping and praying for her new family on the other side of the world, and that means I don’t have the luxury of wasting time on getting tired or being angry.

So come on, y’all — let’s DO this thing!

Share our store with your friends. And if you or they see something y’all like, make me an offer. It’s yours!

If you live locally, hire me for your upcoming events. For Valentine’s Day, I’m making Chocolate Bacon Toffee and gorgeous gourmet caramel apples, cupcakes, cookies, cakes — you name it, I can bake it! For Mardi Gras, I’m making homemade king cakes for $15 each. (Yes, Kroger has them, but mine taste OH so much better!).

Have a kids’ birthday party or school event coming up? Hire me to face paint. I can also face paint at restaurant events or corporate parties. Book an event through my Facebook page and I’ll give you a generous discount.

Need some crafts made, but aren’t crafty? I can do flower arranging, painting, decoupage, basically any craft that doesn’t involve sewing. (I’d sew, but it makes me psychotic!) I just finished making some play felt food, diapers and picture kits for a friend and they turned out SO cute:

Need a website or general computer tech support? My husband is YOUR MAN! He is wrapping up a degree in web design and he rocks. Seriously. And I also write web content.

AND… we’ve got a strong 15-year-old son who’s for hire, cleaning gutters, doing yard work or other household tasks.

I wanted a grant because I wanted a break, but you know what? Breaks are for sissies. We’re able to do this work, and we will do it, because we only have $3,000 left until we can set a date to get our girl! I talked to the lawyer yesterday and he said that once we’re ready to go, he can set a court date one month later.

Even my 3-year-old walks by her photos and says, “We need to go get ‘Pearl’!” (Of course, he says her real name, but it is SO cute!) “Mama, go get on the ay-plane and get Pearl!”

We CAN do it!

Will you help us?

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