Waiting for the Ruling

I’ve been waiting to post the next installment in our Travelogue series because the next thing to share is when we finally met Pearl and I have so many good pictures of that day that I want to include!

BUT…I’ve been advised to not share full-face photos of her until after we’ve received the judge’s ruling. And sadly, that has not come yet.

We were supposed to have gotten it last Wednesday, but the judges were in a conference through Friday. So we’re anticipating receiving it any day now. At the moment I’m typing, it’s the wee hours Wednesday morning in Uganda, so maybe it’ll come today. Just a week late. (Which would actually be pretty good, measured by “Uganda Time” and compared to what some of our friends have experienced.)

It’s one of the harder things about Ugandan adoption…er, I mean, legal guardianship…how there is no real sense of urgency there. We Americans are viewed as being rushed and pushy, and honestly, we really are compared to the calm, soft-spoken Ugandans I met. Everything here is expected to have been done yesterday. They just don’t operate like that in Uganda.

I kind of miss that, actually. I miss so much about Uganda. I used to think that people who talked about missing places like that were borderline crazy. I mean, what is there to miss about living with unsafe tap water, and killer mosquitoes, and no air conditioning under the equatorial sun? How can you miss being face-to-face with poverty and orphans and street kids begging? Or sitting in horrific traffic then stifling yelps when you’re weaving in and out of intersections with cars, pedestrians and motorcycles coming at you from every side?

What I hadn’t considered were the people, how gracious and godly and loving they are. Or how refreshing it is to live with a simpler, slower pace of life, where you have time to sit leisurely around a table and enjoy the company of friends. I hadn’t thought about the beauty that is unique to that land, the lush landscapes and vibrant flowers and colorful birds flying about, the brilliant contrast between red clay soil, deep green grass and bright blue skies everywhere you look.

I didn’t think about the simple, healthy foods, the sweetly fragrant fruits that forever spoil you for eating bananas, mangoes or pineapple again.

It’s killing me how much I miss it!

And then, of course, there’s the factor of this sweet young girl who’s stolen our hearts. It hurts to not be with her, especially when I hear that she’s missing us, too. She and her friend, D, who stayed with us for two days, adored these baby dolls we brought. I have dozens and dozens of pictures they snapped of them. They carried them everywhere. It was so precious to see these girls recapturing part of their childhood that they’ve missed.

She started at a new school this week and seems to be adjusting well. The kids just came off their long, two-month break from school, so I hope that being back into that daily routine keeps her mind off wondering when we’re coming back. We reassure her that it’s as soon as we can get the ruling and start the remaining paperwork process. As I’ve said before, though, I know that kids’ perspective of time is so different from ours. A day can feel like a month when you’re a kid waiting on something big. Please join us in praying peace and patience for her.

And a little extra prayer for that court ruling to come in would be great, too!

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