Very Small Update

Please keep us in your prayers today. Our lawyer is meeting this afternoon with our daughter’s birth mother, and shortly after that meeting, he should be able to secure our court date, if all goes well.

Once we have the court date, we can call the missionary travel agent and make official plans!

So please pray for God’s blessing and favor upon us all today.

In other news, I finished my immunizations yesterday by receiving the yellow fever vaccine, as well as the second shot in the hepatitis series. I also have a lot of items listed on eBay; if you are interested in seeing our auction items, please email me at contact at ourugandanpearl dot com and I will send you the link. We still need around $2000 to cover everything that we should encounter while traveling, so please continue to pray for that to come to us through our sales and other ways of raising funds.

I hope I am able to update again very, very soon and tell you that we have a travel date — FINALLY!

Thanks, as always, to all of you who’ve come along this journey with us. You’ve blessed us more than you’ll ever know!

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