Twenty Reasons: Two

Pink. Pink! Glorious PINK!

This color is the second reason I love my little Pearl — her favorite color is pink. And she is a girly-girl in a dozen other ways, some of which are bound to appear later on this twenty-day tribute to our love for this child.

The fact that the girl God led us to is not a tomboy (not that there is anything wrong with tomboys, mind you…) is proof of how much He loves me. Because with three sons, my life has been a wee bit devoid of many of the things I love: dolls, dresses, hairbows, sparkles. The color pink. But all of that will be in abundance here, soon, especially if you help us raise money to bring her here. (Wink, wink…or should that be, “Pink wink”?)

Which brings me to today’s product, which of course, has to be PINK! It’s a new-in-the-box iPad cover. Click to find out more about this great product!