Twenty Reasons: Three

Counting down twenty reasons to love this sweet girl God has placed into our lives, and today I’m thinking about her optimism.

I wish I had a pair of rose-colored glasses up for sale, because that would go perfectly with this post. My little girl sees the best in people, believes the best, trusts God to bless her and care for her. She joyfully anticipates our coming and has complete faith that we will.

She’s been abandoned, hungry and sick — but she never wavers.

When other people are down — even when the orphanage director feels burdened — she leads the others in cheering him up.

I hear that she looks to me as someone to emulate.

But oh, baby girl — how I wish I could be more like you.


Today’s featured product reflects the beauty of Pearl’s strength. I took a picture of this lovely column a while back and then edited it to look more like a drawing than a photo. Prints are available in 5×7 for $8.00, or you can get an $8×10 for $15.00.