Twenty Reasons: Sixteen

On this sixteenth reason to love this little girl, I think about her 16th birthday. The prom. Her wedding day. And all the precious milestones that a mother and daughter share.

Not that these won’t be celebrated milestones with my sons. Of course, they will be!

But there is a girly preciousness in the way a mom and her daughter mark these occasions. There’s the dress shopping and the planning, the pedicures and pictures. There are traditions that my mother shared with me and my sisters, that I thought I’d have to save somewhere in the corners of my mind, to unwrap for any future granddaughters, hoping beyond hope that my daughters-in-law will let me be that involved in her children’s lives.

It overjoys me that now, I’ll have that direct connection to my own daughter; that I will pass down to another young girl the things that were handed down to me.  And while I extend myself in a similar way to my sons, I think most parents would agree: there is a difference in parenting boys and girls.

There are attachments my husband has with my sons simply because they all know what it’s like to be male. I thought I’d never get to experience building the female version of those attachments to a daughter of my own.

But now, I do. And it feels like a huge gift from God, this long-deferred longing that will now come to fulfillment.

I don’t know if Pearl will ever realize the gift she is giving to me.

Maybe someday, when she has a daughter of her own…


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