Twenty Reasons: Six

Reason number six that I love my sweet Pearl? Her softness.

Obviously, I’ve never held her, so I don’t know that she will feel soft in my arms…but I feel pretty certain that she will feel just perfect there. Today I’m referring to the softness she projects, and the blessing it will be to have another soft, female presence in our home.

There’s a gentleness behind her smile, a grace in her gestures and expressions that I’ve noted while talking with her on Skype.

I welcome that to my rough-and-tumble house full of boys. They are all Matchbox cars, electronics, Lego bricks and bikes.

She is flowers, teddy bears, ribbons and fluffy frou-frou.

Of all the things people have donated to our fundraiser, none best represents the idea of softness better than this gorgeous sweater.

This brand-new, hand-knitted future family heirloom is even more beautiful in person. And it’s ready to be gifted to your favorite little baby for a donation of $40.00.