Twenty Reasons: Seventeen

One thing I love about our daughter is that she has the heart of a mother.

Several of the kids at her orphanage have been sick recently, and I hear that she was very helpful in taking care of them. Four of the sick children ended up in the hospital, and she is very concerned about not being able to help them now.

She likes helping the younger children at the orphanage, and her face lights up when she sees any of her brothers here on Skype, especially our little guy.

I was the same way as a child, and I think it’s neat that God matched us with a girl who shares that same spirit.

She also loves to sing, so in honor of her musical, mothering soul, I’m sharing this collectible “Lullaby” Hummel figurine from our online fundraising store.

Click to find out more about the specifics. It will make a great Christmas gift for a nurturing soul in your life. And it will help bring our sweet little girl home.

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