Twenty Reasons: Seven

I’m learning something about the differences between Ugandan children and American children.

Ugandan kids know that being able to go to school is a privilege. Being educated is an honor that not everyone gets to achieve. So they study hard, set big goals and work diligently toward meeting them.

American kids –granted, not ALL of them– but most have a more casual attitude toward school. It’s mandatory, so they see it as more of a burden than a gift. Too many muddle their way all the way through high school, even college, with no real direction or idea of what they ultimately want to do with their lives.

Reason number seven that I love my girl: she’s Ugandan, through and through. She loves school, loves to learn and plans to become a doctor someday.

She said that she wants to use her life to help others in need, because she wants to show God her deep gratitude for making her dream of a family come true.

How can you not love that?

I’m always drawn to paintings of roads, paths, meandering brooks — I love art that represents this idea of having a place to go, art that draws you in and makes you wish you could jump into it and see what’s around the bend.

I painted the original of this print from a photo my husband took while hiking in Scotland. It hangs over our fireplace in the dining room, a reminder that life is a journey that God has graciously placed before us and all He asks us to do is follow him.

I pray that my Pearl will always follow the paths and dreams that God has laid before her. It sounds like she’s pretty determined to do so.

Wow, what a blessing to be the mom who gets to walk along beside her!



  1. Stumbled across your blog through a friend of a friend and am loving reading about your journey through adoption. We hope to adopt someday and reading the stories of others definitely makes it feel more real. Wish you good luck through the rest of your fundraising so you can bring your little girl home!

    1. Aw, thanks so much! I read adoption blogs for years before the doors started opening for us! It truly is wonderful to read others’ stories and they were all such an encouragement to me. Good luck to you in your journey, and stay in touch!

      1. We are still a few years out…waiting a few more years until we’re fully committed to having kids. It’s good to read others’ stories. I ordered the print mentioned in this blog – it will be good to know that each time we look at it, it will be a kind of symbol of adoption done well.