Twenty Reasons: Nine

One thing that has always touched me deeply is whenever I hear that my Ugandan daughter is praying for me.

It’s all she has to give, but she gives it freely and I hear that she often leads others in the orphanage to pray.

It humbles me, really, because my own prayer life is nothing to brag about. Not that you would want to brag about something like that. But you know what I mean. I could definitely stand to improve the quantity — and quality — of time I spend communing with my Creator.

As I heard a minister say once, “Have you prayed about it as much as you’ve talked about it?”


My friend Cheryl makes these gorgeous prayer shawls. Here is the one she donated to our fundraiser. It’s lovely to look at, comfortable to wear, and a great way to take the chill off on these upcoming cooler days of autumn.

It’s also meant to be a reminder that, whenever you wear it, the arms of God are wrapped around you. I just love that.

I see Pearl wearing the shawl in this photo sometimes…

Here, she’s sitting on it to keep her skirt clean, but it gets chilly sometimes there in the evenings and that’s when I’ve seen her wrapped up in it.

I hope that when she wears it, she feels cozy — and reminded that God’s arms are around her, always.

Who knew shawls could be such a beautiful thing?


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