Twenty Reasons: Fourteen

I’m kind of a wimp.

At least I admit it. I like things just so. I like my bed, my comfy chair, my air conditioning and bug-free environment.

I really, truly love indoor plumbing. And having the privacy of my own bathroom.

What does that have to do with loving my little Ugandan princess?

She gives me courage to move beyond my carefully-crafted comfort zones.

Soon, I will be going camping with my family; an experience our older boys have longed to have. There will be no fancy-schmancy camper for us — me, three boys, a snoring husband and a dog, all crammed into a family-sized tent.

I have spent exactly one weekend of my life tent camping, and it didn’t go so well. Of course, I was a higher-maintenance 20-something newlywed, and we were camping in Blackpool, England…in drizzling rain. No air mattress, no cot…just a sleeping bag and the tent’s floor between me and the icy damp English ground.

Good times.

It’s taken me, what, 20+ years to get up the courage to go again? And I’m not sure if I’d even go now, if I didn’t know Pearl.

But something about getting to know a child with her spunk, personality and sweetness, who every day of her life has “roughed it”  far beyond anything I’m likely to experience camping, gives me courage to try again.

I consider it  a bit of training ground for traveling to Africa — a place I never in a million years imagined an “Indoor Girl” like me going to.

But, behold — the power of love! It can take us places far beyond our wildest dreams.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” -Lao Tzu



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