Twenty Reasons: Four

Twenty reasons to love this little girl we’re adopting, and one of the big ones is her generosity.

Which probably doesn’t make much sense given that we are 8,000 miles apart, and all her worldly possessions could fit inside a shoebox.

But oh, how she blesses me with her prayers. And with her words of love. And her sweet, giving spirit.

Yesterday was my birthday, and she brought the orphanage’s pastor a flower, saying that she chose it for her mummy’s birthday and would he please send it to me.

I’ve always been so touched when my little boys have brought me fistfuls of dandelions — those bright yellow blooms clenched in chubby, dirty fists are always more precious to me than if I’d been given the world’s most expensive lily.

So the thought of this darling girl walking around the orphanage’s grounds, in search of a flower for her mother’s birthday — oh, it just melted my heart in a thousand ways and made it ache even more to bring her home to this family that already loves her so much.

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