Twenty Reasons: Five

The fifth entry in this series of reasons we love this little girl involves the memory of the first time we connected with her through Skype. It was after we’d decided to pursue her adoption, and though she already knew of us through what she’d seen and heard from the pastor, she wanted to speak to us herself.

And as gregarious and outgoing as I hear she is, the experience must’ve been overwhelming. Because she just sat there, quiet and shy, her eyes sparkling like a Christmas tree, grinning the widest grin. A single tear rolled down each cheek as I spoke to her for the first time.

And the first thing she said — actually, the only thing she said — was, “When are you coming for me?”

Oh, how I wanted to jump through that screen, scoop her up and bring her home. I’ve pretty much felt that way ever since.

In that moment, she became my little girl.

And today’s store item goes with that sentiment–Mommy’s Little Girl frame. It’s just $5, plus shipping, and would be a cute addition to a little ballerina’s room or a mother’s desk at work. It reminds me of the Cherished Teddies style of bears. Super-cute — and every little bit helps bring our super-cutie home!