Twenty Reasons: Eleven

Perhaps the most superficial of all the reasons I love this little girl, but reason number eleven is this:

She’s pretty.

Really, really pretty.

Yesterday we set up a booth at an outdoor market, to sell some of the items that’ve been donated to our fundraising. I had a framed picture of her, my favorite picture of her, on the table, along with a sign indicating that all our proceeds were going to fund her adoption. I loved all the conversation it generated. She just radiates a loveliness that draws people to her, even in her photos.

“Wow–tell me about this little girl…”

“She is truly beautiful — better get ready to bat all the boys away!”

“Wow–what a gorgeous young lady. What a blessing!”

And then they wanted to know more about our adoption story (I had little business cards with this website address) and about adoption in general. I found it completely heartwarming that five of the people I met today were adoptive parents and had their own stories to tell! Three had adopted through the American foster care system, one was a private domestic adoption at birth (that was the lady in pink with the booth behind me), and the last adopted a special needs boy from Ukraine. He is 5, but the size of a 2-year-old.

Life is so hard for kids in orphanages. But it truly warmed my heart to hear so many stories of people stepping up to adopt!

I really feel that one reason God made Pearl so lovely, so magnetic, is because she will continue to be instrumental in drawing people toward the idea of adoption and orphan care. Because you can’t look at a person that beautiful and think that they deserve anything less than growing up in a loving, supportive family.

I have three very handsome biological sons. But I don’t think I could’ve made a daughter as pretty as this one. Yet I’m still going to get to call her mine.

How totally awesome is that?

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