Twenty Reasons: Eight

My little Ugandan princess is such a happy girl.

The strength of character she must have to radiate joy under such adverse circumstances — it just blows me away.

I had the privilege of Skyping with her on Saturday. (Please pardon the cheesy editing of what’s a really cute pic of her online with us — I need to protect her identity for now.) I wish you could see her when we’re connected. Her face just glows; her gorgeous brown eyes sparkle with love and hope. She leans so far into the camera that the pastor has to repeatedly tell her to back up. It’s almost like she, with her whole body, just wants to be as close to us as she possibly can. It’s beautiful and endearing and heartbreaking all at once.

On Saturday, one of her friends sat beside her and the two of them attempted to teach me some words in their language. There are sounds in that tongue that English totally lacks, and I know I butchered most of the words because they fell on one another laughing at most of my attempts.

One of the funniest moments was when my son asked her how to say “car.” When she said “motorcar”, all of us cracked up together. Then she said, “And ‘television’ is….TV!” I love that she has a sense of humor — that’s pretty much a vital requirement to survive in this family!

It just does my heart good to laugh with her, to see her smile. It’s prettier than a field of flowers.

I’ve heard daisies referred to as the world’s happiest flowers, so it’s only logical that I link this print to today’s post.

Why not order one today, and hang it in your home or office to remind you to be happy regardless of your circumstances?

And when you see it, you can also celebrate the fact that you got to help this little girl connect with her family for real — not just through a computer screen.