The Next Steps

This week, I’ve had the privilege of adding more money to our fundraising thermometer, and sharing THIS post about an absolutely lovely donation made by my sweet friend, Julie. I’ve also uploaded some other neat items to our Fundraising Store, and there’s even more to add soon. It’s been a good week.

We’re also only one (yes, ONE!!!) day away from getting our finished home-study report from the social worker!  Once it is in our happy little hands, we are free to apply with immigration for our daughter’s I-600, which is the petition to classify her as an immediate relative and allow us to bring her into the United States.

So that means that by this time next week, our paperwork — our next step — could be on its way to USCIS.

(Heavy emphasis on thecould.”)

See, although our money-o-meter shows $1400+ donated, that’s not cash-in-hand. A thousand of that is a promise to help with airfare when that time comes. And the remainder has gone toward our home study fees.

So, basically, we’re “sitting at zero,” starting over from scratch to raise money for the USCIS fees, which will be $860.00. Because we can’t submit the I-600 paperwork without a check for that amount, the money is the only thing currently threatening to slow down the process of getting her here.

Because I believe in transparency during this process, please know that the minute we have the home-study in our hands, we’re applying with several ministries that offer grants, matching funds and/or interest-free loans to finance adoption. We’re also planning a couple of fund-raising events for the very near future, including one that will allow us to sell coffee through this site.

We’re doing all we can to finance this endeavor.

You also have to know that asking friends to buy something from me is probably one of my absolute least-favorite things to do. Remember back in school, when everyone had to sell wrapping paper or cookie dough, and there was always a huge prize for the kid who sold the most?

Yeah, I was never that kid. I was the one who turned in a mostly-blank order form containing a couple of sympathy purchases from my grandparents. And I’m not finding the selling process any easier, I’m afraid.

That’s one reason I’m so earnestly praying that we’re able to get one of the above-mentioned financing opportunities. Trouble is, it can take months to get approved for these grants or loans, and the fundraising events can’t take place until mid-to-late September. So without making some sales on our site, we’re just stuck in limbo for a month, unable to move ahead until God blesses us with the amount needed to continue on.

And so far, we’ve not sold a thing.

I asked my two older boys to join me in praying about this last night, and the middle boy — he is such a comedian. He said, “Hey, we could BRIBE them to help!” And I laughed through my tears because it was just so funny to imagine that — strong-arming people into giving! Besides, as his brother pointed out, if we had money to BRIBE  people, we wouldn’t need to be selling stuff!

Anyway, y’all — as the old song goes, I ain’t too proud to beg. And I am begging you to please share our Fundraising Store with your friends and family, through email, Facebook and Twitter. Share this blog, contact the art-lovers in your life and tell them about this awesome opportunity to have a custom portrait painted of someone they love, or some cute personalized art for their kids, or nice prints they can put into beautiful frames and give to people for Christmas.

Pretty-please? With a cherry on top?

‘Cause this precious little girl, who’s been through more in her little life than most of us will ever face, is so eagerly waiting for her new life to begin.


  1. If this Grandma in Canada can make banana bread to build a home for these kids, I KNOW you can do the same…It will be a rough journey, but NEVER GIVE UP Kari. Praying for you my friend.