The Final Countdown

It doesn’t seem real to have reached the point that we’re counting down the days in single digits.

It won’t be long now until we meet our girl. And the overwhelming joy of that is tempered by a heavy dose of sadness over leaving our boys, especially my youngest.

The older two are old enough to be excited about the adoption. They’ve both spent many weeks away from home, and truth be told, they’re probably looking forward to having a little break from their old Ma! But the baby — sigh. He’s not a baby, of course — he’s four. But he’s MY baby and he will tell you that. And he has not historically done well with change. I’m trying to prepare him the best I can. I plan to Skype daily if at all possible. But I know his personality. and barring a miracle, it’s not likely to be an easy adjustment for the little guy.

So as you pray for us, please put him to the top of the list. I can trust God easily for safe, healthy travel, and for Pearl to be well and happy. I know my boys are being left in good, capable hands and have no worries about their needs being met. But I am so worried about my little man’s ability to handle this. I’m worried about MY ability to handle worrying over him, because the thought of him being upset crushes me. Just please pray for him to have a supernaturally easy time of this separation. It truly is my greatest concern as we get so close to hopping onto that plane.

It is exciting to have all the reservations made, the e-tickets delivered by the airline, and to have secured a good driver for while we’re there. It’s taking your life into your hands to drive in Uganda, so most Westerners hire someone to take them places. I hear from other adoptive families that a trusted driver is one of the most important things to have in Uganda, and they say that we’ve connected with the best. The drivers wait on you while you’re running errands, and even go into shops with you to make sure you aren’t charged “muzungu” (white man) prices. And it’s all at a very reasonable rate.

I’m pleased with the guesthouses we’ve selected to stay at. I’ll share links later, if they turn out to be as good as I’m hearing. I was thrilled to find a guesthouse that has air conditioning, something I’d been told was unheard of in Uganda. Though it’s not sweltering there, thanks to the high elevation, I’m a total heat wimp and would rather be cold than hot any day. So the thought of a/c — even if it’s not great a/c — is better than having none!

Some of you have asked about the weather. Here is a link to the Jinja forecast at Weather Underground. Our time in Uganda will be split between Kampala and Jinja. Their weather is usually pretty much the same in those two cities.

Other miscellaneous information:

  • We’ll be 8 hours ahead of Eastern Time. So noon on the East Coast will be 8:00 p.m. for us.
  • We’ll get a cheap cell phone to use while there and I can send you the number if you want it. I think I’ll be able to receive texts, too, but I’m not entirely sure. Gotta stay connected!
  • This site will be the best place to get updates on how and what we’re doing. So if you haven’t subscribed yet, I invite you to do so.
  • Donnie will be coming home after about a week. He’s only required to be there for court, which is great because he’ll need to get back to work and helping Nana care of our boys!
  • I hope to complete everything there within 4 to 6 weeks after court; however, this is Uganda and anything can happen. There’s just no way to even guess a return date right now.

In case I don’t have time to post again before we leave, know that I plan to blog as much as I can about our journey, our daily experiences, and upload as many pics as the Internet connection will allow. I’m so thankful to have so many supportive friends and family who want to virtually take this journey with us, and I can’t wait until I can start sharing full photos and our daughter’s real name with you.

Until then, here’s part of a picture we received the other day. She has grown up so much since we first decided to adopt her two years ago. But she’s still — and always will be — our first little girl.










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  1. What a beautiful smile she has! I know if matches the one on your face.

    Blessings, peace and strength in the coming days. It will be worth it all. I’ll especially pray for the “baby” boy while you’re gone.

    Much love,

  2. oh, Kari!! So excited for you all!!! And yes, will pray for Jonah!! Praying he’ll be fine. I remember going to Germany for 10 days when Miriam was a little over 2 years old. Granted, she still had her daddy – but she was MY baby – we’d just stopped nursing a few months prior, for goodness sake. And you know what?! God gave amazing grace to me – and apparently to HER because Dan said she never even questioned where I was!!!!!! I realize there is a difference between 2 and 4 and in situations – but praying for that grace for you and J too!! (HUGS AND PRAYERS)