Special Delivery!

It came! It came! It finally came!

Our adoption home study report is here!

OK, so now that it’s here, we are held up only by…you guessed it…money.

As of today, we’re $700 short on taking the next step of filing for her visa through immigration.

Our hands were tied until we had this document, but now they’re free. It’s so exciting to be able to move ahead.

So PLEASE share our cause with your friends, send them to our Fundraising Store, if you hear of any charities that help fund adoption, let me know.

We’re applying for several grants this week; of course, they all take ages to process. I’m planning to work at a local open market weekends this month, selling baked goods and items from our store and doing what I can to facilitate this process.

I hear from other adoptive families that USCIS is processing applications with lightning speed lately — it would be wonderful to get Pearl’s submitted while it’s still looking so good, time-wise.


I’m trying not to get ahead of myself.

I’m reminding myself that God is in this process and in charge of the timing.

So the most important request I have in light of this good news is to pray. Please pray for us. Please pray for our sweet girl, for her protection and health and safety.

Pray for favor with our paperwork, with the lawyer and judge in Uganda, for God to orchestrate her homecoming and let it be as soon as possible.

Because as excited as I am –as we all are here in this little house– I have reason to believe it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to her anticipation. As Pastor often tells me, “She is MORE than ready to join you and asks every day when you are coming.”

And all I can tell him to say back to her is this: “I’ll be there just as soon as I can. Keep praying that it’s soon…”


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