Fundraising Shop

Welcome to our online fundraising shop!

Before you browse around, please take a moment to read through the following points:

  • FIRST– All-new for 2013, we now offer FREE shipping or local (metro Atlanta area) pick-up on all items because we really, really are feeling the crunch in two ways! One, we are all beyond ready to complete this adoption, and two, we need to get this stuff out of the house so that we can make room for our girl!
  • Everything shown has been generously donated by friends and family to help bring our sweet daughter home. This “store” template is just the easiest way to display them. But really, they’re gifts we’re offering in exchange for the donation amount listed for that particular item.
  • BUT, the prices are just that — suggested donations. If you see something you love but need to pay a little less, just let me know and chances are very good that we’ll happily accept your offer!
  • Nobody is getting rich off this stuff — we just want to give you something back for helping us adopt. And the people who generously made and donated these items feel the same way. Every penny goes into our adoption savings account (minus, of course, any shipping costs we might incur, which would be subtracted from your total donation.)
  • Of course, we welcome any additional monetary donations, which can be made easily through PayPal or the WePay link over there >>>>>>.
  • And if you don’t see anything you like, there’s always Just Love coffee, who gives us a generous gift with every purchase made through OurUgandanPearl’s Storefront. You will LOVE this coffee!
  • Please remember that this isn’t just ordinary shopping — the purpose is so much greater! The more you help, the sooner she gets to come home. 🙂

Thank you SO much for helping make one less orphan in the world!