Our Prayers

Our sons’ youth group has been praying that Pearl will be here by her birthday. I don’t want to share the actual date here, but this beautiful girl entered the world near the end of October. And boy, is that time just around the corner!

We so totally appreciate all of you who’ve promised to stand in prayer with us over this adoption. So if you’d like to know how to join us in specific prayer agreement, this is what we are petitioning God for now:

  1. For Pearl to be home with us by her birthday.
  2. For the remaining funds to be earned/donated/provided.
  3. To hear a court date soon and be given at least two weeks’ time to prepare before traveling.
  4. For a safe, healthy time in Uganda — for ALL of us — and a quick, easy adoption process.
  5. For our family members who have lingering doubts to find peace and acceptance of our decision to adopt, and for God to begin growing love for our daughter in their hearts, even before she is here.

Thank you!

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