Orphan Sunday

Today is Orphan Sunday, a day that churches everywhere take time to remember orphans around the world and encourage people to do something tangible to help meet their needs.

Every day, but today especially, I feel grateful for the people who’ve gone before us and opened our eyes and hearts to older child adoption. There are many factors behind our choice to adopt, but these families have played a huge role in taking away the “scariness” of it all.

They’re the courage behind our pursuit, why this mother has a daughter now, when I thought I never would have one.

Of course, she isn’t here yet. We’re ready to go, but there are delays in the courts and I don’t know when they’re going to clear. There is nothing I can do to make them clear, to make us get her home sooner. I know that God has a timeline that might not equal mine, one that I might not understand because of how long it’s taking. But still, I trust Him.

I know I can’t make anyone catch the passion we feel for adoption, any more than my environmentalist friends can persuade me to go hug a tree and save the whales. It’s just not where my heart is centered. All I can do is share our stories, pray for the orphanage God has placed in front of us, and the specific child we’re being led to make our own.

I just know that God loves these babies. Yes, even the 15-year-old “babies” about to age out of the system–He loves them all and needs for His people to step up and care for the least of these.

Thank you to all our beloved friends and family who’ve enabled us to do just that. Your gifts and prayers have helped us reach this point that we’re able to make one less orphan in the world. It’s such an honor to be able to do that, and we could not have possibly done it alone.

I hope our daughter will always be aware of all the love that added up to bring her here. The love behind the financial sacrifices people made on her behalf. The generosity behind the donated clothes and toys, the letters of encouragement, the fasting and praying that was done for her. I hope that all of it adds up to something wonderful that lets her know that she is wanted. She is adored. She has a purpose in this world and people standing beside her, just waiting to help her achieve it.

I think what breaks my heart on Orphan Sunday is knowing how precious she is and that she is just one of millions of kids who are going to bed tonight, hungry and parentless.

She has hope to cling to, and she clings to it with all her heart.

I hear all the time that her friends want to know, “When will it be my turn? When will a family come for me?”

I don’t know how I’m going to answer that when I’m there. I don’t. Unfortunately, I don’t have a line of people building up behind me to adopt our daughter’s friends. I wish I did — but I don’t.

Just promise me that today, you’ll take some time to pray for the orphans around the world and ask God what you can do to make a difference.


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