Operation Homecoming

On Friday, a bunch of us gathered at the airport to welcome our daughter home.


We had balloons and signs and lots of smiling faces!

(We also had one really bloody nose, which added quite a lot of excitement to the wait.)


About 40 minutes after arrival, Donnie sent a text to say they were picking up their luggage

and would be out any minute!

My oldest son caught the first glimpse of them…


And Jonah and I rushed over to greet them….


And after many embraces, not the least of which was this little boy,

totally elated to see his Daddy again….


We became a family of SIX….


And life will never be the same again.


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  1. A very long journey… one with struggles, patience and never sure if it was going to happen, but with your strong faith in God, He brought you through it. These pictures brings tears for all of you, but especially for Violet. A dream unimaginable in her country. She leaves her life for a better one but I look forward to the day you all come back and we can invite you to our home.
    God bless you all…Edwin and Barb