One Month Home

One month ago, our daughter first set foot on American soil.

It has been a month full of firsts for her, almost too many to list.

First amusement park and water slides….


First car show with her dad and brothers….


First camera, which came in some of the first mail she ever received — in her entire life.


And she’s fascinated with computers, phones and technology in general.

 v computer

She’s made new friends, tried dozens of new foods, become quite the brave little swimmer despite only having been in pools three times, ever.

She even dabbled a bit as my apprentice and decorated her very first cake….



She is protective of and playful with Jonah, laughs with Zach and Eli, and is respectful to me and Donnie. She loves princess movies, nail polish and all things pink (much to my joy) but also loves Transformers, Ninja Turtles and most of the boys’ Xbox games, which as you can imagine, has completely endeared her to the guys in this house.

She’s so well-rounded, has fit in so well, and adjusted better than I could’ve asked for. Sure, there are little behavioral hiccups here and there, but nothing very different from what we experience with our biological kids. The longer she’s here, the more she tests us a bit, to see what she can and cannot get away with (i.e. asking Dad for ice cream when Mom said “no”).  But it would be weird if she didn’t do this. The fact that she can test us, ironically, shows a degree of attachment, of feeling safe. It shows that she’s not afraid that she has to be the “perfect daughter” or work to earn our love.

That makes this mama smile. In so many ways, it feels like she’s been home much longer than a month, like she’s always been part of our family.

Smiley V

Happy first month home, baby girl. We’re so thankful that you’re here.


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