Officially Ours

Look at what came today!

YES! Finally, the written ruling! AND the judge just signed it last week. So the delay was within the court itself, leaving me (and other adopting families) wondering if six weeks is the new normal for receiving a written ruling? If so, I am ever so grateful for the illness that sent me home early, that led us to make two trips instead of me staying in-country for six weeks, bleeding money while being unable to move forward. It really was a blessing in disguise.

Anyway…this means that now the pastor can move on to getting the passport and her physical. Once those are done, we will be on a plane to go complete the process and bring her home! That could be in as little as two weeks or so.

I talked to her on the phone today. She was so cute, not really understanding the process still involved. She kept asking, “Can you come back next week? Please come back next week!” Bless her sweet little heart — she just is SO ready to have a family.

And we are so ready to give her one!

It was around 4:30 a.m. when the phone call came this morning. Donnie hopped out of bed and went to the computer to read the document for himself. Then he came back in the bedroom, and even in the darkness, I could see his smile as he kissed me. I stayed awake a long time after, thanking God for the ruling, but mostly just thinking about things in a new, concrete way. It’s no longer the same thought process of the past two years, where every thought of Violet carried with it a big “if”….”IF we’re granted legal guardianship….IF she gets to come home this year…” Even as we met her in January and spent that wonderful week with her, the “Big IF” hung over our heads because we knew the judge could just have easily said “No.”

So this morning, it finally, truly sank in that we HAVE a daughter. *I* have a daughter! Me, this mom-of-boys who always longed for just another touch of girlishness in the house, this mom who always knew that God had left a sparkly pink vacancy in my heart for a reason, now officially has a daughter. I can tell people I have FOUR children now, no longer just three. I’m a mom of four. ME, the previously infertile, a mother of four? How can that be? But it’s real and it’s true and it’s in writing now! And my sons now have a sister, and my husband has a daddy’s girl, and our parents have a granddaughter and our siblings have a new niece. And all our amazing friends have someone new to dote on and love.

That beautiful “It is done” feeling was not unlike what I felt after our biological babies were born. As I looked over their impossibly tiny fingers and toes, ran my fingertip over their velvety new cheeks, and marveled that something so perfect could’ve been made by love and entrusted to me, it was a holy moment. And today brought an entirely different, but equally holy moment, to realize that finally, after two years of struggle and tears and pleading and prayers, this daughter we longed for was ours. Just like the babies laid upon my chest at birth, God has laid her now in our arms and love has once again, multiplied my family.

Whether by womb,

Or by judge’s decree–

Love builds a family.

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