Nothing New

I always feel bad when I go a while without blogging here, but it’s hard to blog when there isn’t much to say.

We’re still on hold, waiting for the powers-that-be to schedule our court date. There is nothing in the world that we can do to hurry the process at this point.

So, we wait.

And wait some more.

It’s funny combining this season of waiting with this holiday season, because with each holiday that comes, I simultaneously am grateful to be here with my family (because I thought probably I’d be in Uganda) and wishing that I wasn’t here (because then I’d be in Uganda).

That probably doesn’t make much sense, but when one chunk of your heart lives 8,000 miles away and you’re powerless to go retrieve it — that’s what it’s like.

Just keep praying her home, folks.

Please keep praying her home.

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