New Photos and Update

New photos of our girl arrived today and I am so happy and yet so very sad to see them.

Actually, the sadness has felt heavier than ever today, I guess because I can see her growing up without us.

I can’t share the full-face shots here yet for privacy reasons, but you can see here that they’re letting her hair grow out of her “orphanage” crew-cut so she can have it braided. She really wanted to have that done before we come, and I want to see that it happens for her. The pastor says he doesn’t have the heart to cut it again because her being allowed to grow it out is physical proof to her that we are really coming.

I finally heard back from our attorney yesterday. He said that indeed, the courts aren’t allowing new dates to be set until after the judges return from break in mid-August. Less than two months away. Time has really been flying lately, so I pray it continues to, and before we know it, we’re getting on that plane to finally meet our sweet girl.

Thanks again — as always — for your help and all your prayers!

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