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I haven’t had a lot to say since we got home from Uganda. I’ve been busy nursing the knee injury I sustained while there, and then had a big weekend celebrating my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. All that coupled with adjusting back to life here has kept me busy. AND, there hasn’t really been anything happening on the ground in Uganda with regard to getting our correct long-form death certificate.

But today, we received good news. The form has been typed and just needs a signature, so it should be ready by Friday. That means we can make plans to go back soon!


At some point around Mother’s Day, the hubby should be getting on a plane and prayerfully, within a week, clearing the embassy and bringing our little ray of Ugandan sunshine home!

I’ve been working to edit pics from our recent three weeks there, but it’s taking a while. Here’s one of my favorites…

V 6 months

A big highlight of the trip was getting to see pictures of our sweetie as a baby. Here she is at a perfectly adorable six months old!

Hopefully I’ll be posting soon that Donnie is on his way!

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