National Adoption Day

I just realized that it’s National Adoption Day. Quite obviously, I’m thinking about our sweet, sweet girl on the other side of the world and praying against the mountains of bureaucracy in her country that are keeping us from going to get her.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I can’t imagine how long this process has felt for her. Because it’s felt like forever-and-a-day for me, coming at it from an adult’s perspective. I can’t even imagine how much longer it feels to a child.

We think about her all the time. My eldest son asks almost every day, when he gets home from school, “Did you hear anything yet?” or “Any word on when you’re going to Uganda?”

We’re putting up the Christmas tree and all of us have commented on how we really thought she’d be here by now. She factors into our conversations, with comments like, “After Pearl gets here, we’ll ________.” And every day during our homeschooling Bible time, we pray for her. We pray her home.

One day, I know the prayers will be answered. When it’s the right timing, whatever that might be.

I was talking to a new friend last night, one who’s been through miscarriage and desperately wants to have a baby. I saw that familiar sadness in her eyes as all the moms in the group talked/bragged/complained about our children. I know what that longing feels like from the seven years of infertility and loss we went through before having our first child, what it’s like to be the only one in a gathering of women who has no children to talk about. It’s a miserably heartbreaking feeling.

This adoptive child longing is somewhat different, but similar in many ways. I think that until a mother’s heart knows that all her “babies” have made it home, that empty, gnawing feeling lingers.

I wonder if it even compares to the longing an orphan feels to have a family? I can imagine that feeling is so much worse than anything I’ve ever known.

It breaks my heart that there are millions of kids around the world experiencing that today, and every day, until someone steps up to adopt them. Please join me today in praying for all of them, and for our Pearl, and consider what you can do to help these kids connect with their forever homes.



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  1. Hi Kari,
    I met you at Chick-fil-A in Covington a while back and shared our adoption story. (Our daughter was a student of mine in kindergarten.) I didn’t realize that it is National Adoption Day. I called my now 17 year old daughter to the computer to read your post. She was touched. She knows her own story and one day “Pearl” will know her story….of how she got her forever family. Your time is coming……soon! Praying.