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It’s Monday of the week we’re supposed to hear our court date. I’m constantly checking email and the minutes are dragging so slowly, it feels like it should be Thursday, at least.

Waiting is never easy, is it?

I’m so grateful that my friend Tymm shared this link on Facebook today.

No Greater Joy Mom: The Truth About My Life, Adoption and Parenting

Please take a moment to read it. I know our daughter isn’t here yet, but the author of this blog articulated exactly how I feel about doing this “hard thing” of adopting an older child.


If I’d wanted an easy life, I’d have never had even one child, at all. EVERY kid comes with problems. With our bio kids, we’ve dealt with defiance and rebellion, lying and arguing, surgeries and sicknesses, failing grades and bullies, sleepless nights and mealtime tears, empty wallets and ER visits…and many long days and even longer nights that I thought I’d never get through.

Motherhood has brought me the highest highs and the lowest lows I’ve ever known. But at the end of the day, the good always prevails. I would always, always choose this life again. I’d always choose these people to live it with. God is the One who designed this family…who am I to say He shouldn’t do things the way He’s done them?

Not one of my children came easily to me. Not one of them. At times, that has felt very unfair.

But as No Greater Joy Mom says: as Christians, we’re not called to easy things. We’re just not. Sometimes the most precious things only come to us in the most difficult ways.

I think that the American church overall enjoys a life of ease. As another friend noted, on Sunday, we sat in our comfy padded pews, with a latte in hand and listened to someone talk about God (or let’s be honest, only half-listened, as thoughts wandered to lunch or the football game). Some of us probably felt like we’d made some big sacrifice by showing up on Sunday morning. But at the same time, on the other side of the world, Christians were brutally murdered simply for their beliefs.

The sacrifice involved in adopting a sweet little girl from Uganda seems so small in comparison, doesn’t it?

I’m grateful for the people who’ve stood with us on this adoption decision, who’ve selflessly given to help us bring her home. For the vast majority of them, there wasn’t anything easy about giving. I’m sure most of them had a dozen other needs they put off in order to help us. That is no small thing to us, and it’s no small thing to God.

I hope they understand who they really said “Yes” to. It wasn’t to us…they said “Yes” to an orphan who needed their help, they said “Yes” to God — and to an opportunity to bring blessings upon themselves because God blesses those who bless “the least of these.”

Today, we prayerfully wait to hear about more help that might come, that could be repaid over time, and I’m praying so hard for it to work out. And it’s my prayer that if this person comes through for us, they understand that they’re not really helping us. They’re helping an orphan. They’re serving God.

Supporting adoption means joining the forces of good in this world by making a sacrifice, by doing a hard thing for a good purpose.

To quote No Greater Joy Mom:

“We’re called to get our hands dirty and have our hearts be broken.

We are called to love without ever getting a single thing in return and give until we have nothing left to offer.

We’re called to live a life of sacrificial love–emptying ourselves daily for the sake of others and allowing Him to fill us back up for tomorrow.”

Strong words, yes. But we serve a strong and mighty God who believes in us and gives us what we need to do His work.

Even if that work is just wiping noses, making sandwiches and bandaging knees….and extending that to another little soul who needs a family.

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