Malaria Update

I wish I had better news to share about our daughter, but I learned this morning that the poor sweetie has been in the hospital since the pastor took her to see the doctor last Thursday. He said she has “Malaria Plus-Plus” or Plus Two, which is a way they rate it based on the number of parasites in the blood sample.

Plus Two, according to what I could find online, is moderate for an adult, but can be quite serious in children. The Pastor said that she’s been receiving IV medications and is showing “some small improvement.”

Naturally, Donnie, the boys and I are worried about her and ask you to join us in praying for her healing.

And also continue praying that we can go for her, SOON! It’s breaking my heart to not be able to be there with her, especially given what I know about hospitals in Uganda.

The pastor has been staying with her, and he also needs our prayers. Staying with a sick person in the hospital is stressful no matter where you are, but it’s really difficult there. Of course, they do the best they can with what they’ve got, but still — it’s nothing like being in the hospital here.

Imagine it…

Beds are lined up in wards, ten or so to a small room. Little furniture is provided besides the hospital beds, so the person staying with the patient brings a blanket to sit and sleep on the concrete floor. There might be one or two nurses for an entire hospital, so nearly all of the patient’s care has to be provided by the relative or friend. This person also has to provide the patient’s daily food and drink. Obviously, there’s no climate control, no room for fans, no TV to get your mind off feeling sick. It’s loud, crowded and I don’t even want to think about the sights or the smells.

What’s really difficult for me, as a mom, is to know that when the pastor has had to leave — as I know he’s had to, at least for short periods of time — she’s been in that environment, alone. Being sick is awful, but being sick and alone is about as bad as it gets.

Sometimes I think about the stories this girl is going to tell and I wonder how I’ll be able to handle hearing them all.

So…that is our update. I will post again whenever I hear anything new.

Thanks, as always, for your prayers and support.

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