Long-Awaited Update

At the moment, I’m sitting at Heathrow Airport, on our way home from Uganda after an incredible week with our Pearl.

Needless to say, things didn’t transpire as we originally planned.

We thought Donnie would come home after a week and I’d stay the remaining month or so until our process was done. But nothing else has gone according to our plans, so why should this, either? 😉

In recent weeks, the already slow Ugandan adoption process has gotten even slower due to problems at the passport office and the embassy. There’s a backlog of families who have been in-country for 7 to 10 weeks. When you start adding up expenses for staying that long, it’s actually cheaper to make two trips.

Also, it might be that Donnie has to be the one to make the return trip, because despite being very careful with food and water, I got sick our first night there. I battled fever, vomiting and diarrhea for most of the week, and am still feeling dehydrated and puny. And that’s even while treating myself with Cipro and Imodium. (Y’all, I’ve never known a bug that Imodium couldn’t stop. LOL!)

Anyway, I read that most cases of travelers tummy is caused by ecoli (eww) and my immune system isn’t the greatest thanks to lupus…and ecoli can do some pretty wicked things, so…it might not be smart for me to go back. Unless my doctor OKs it, and I take some kind of prophylactic antibiotics, and only eat prepackaged stuff from home. We’re praying for wisdom in deciding who should go back to finish the process and bring her home.

Now, I know you all want to see pictures and hear about the trip, and I promise over the weekend I’ll post a series of travelogues detailing it all. I’m not comfortable posting pics of her until we get the judge’s ruling, which should be midweek. I’ll go ahead and say that court went very well, she is even prettier and sweeter in person, and despite my illness, we had a truly incredible time!

More soon!