Last Day in Uganda


With much joy, relief and gratitude I announce that our daughter received her visa yesterday. She and my husband will begin their long journey home tonight.


It feels crazy that we’ve finally reached this point. It’s been three years since we first found out about her; two and a half years since we decided to seek her adoption. There were many, many moments that we wondered if we’d ever see this day. Uncertainty became a way of life, especially over the past year. Now that it’s said and done, now that they’re hours from leaving for home, it feels odd to not carry the weight of this process anymore. It feels a lot like that feeling immediately after giving birth, when you feel so light, and hollow and pain-free.

But I feel almost bewildered, like I don’t know how to live now without this big “IF” hanging over my head, coloring every decision. It was huge and heavy but we got used to it always being there. Can I even articulate how glad I am that it’s gone?

Violet has been super-excited, but I hear that today she woke up a bit subdued, and understandably so. What a huge, huge thing this is for a child! I don’t think I’d have been as brave when I was her age. Heck, I don’t know that I’d be that brave now, to move away from everything I’d always known for a life so far away, so very different from what I’m accustomed to. Donnie and I have tried to prepare her for the reality of life in America, in all the ways we know how. I guess we will find out over the next days, weeks and months if we did a good job of that, or not.

Prayers for healthy, safe travel are appreciated. And please pray for her heart — for her to be comforted and at peace as she begins this new chapter in life. She got excited the first time she saw an escalator at the mall with us — I can’t even imagine how she’s going to react to the airplanes, or navigating through two enormous airports. (It’s good that she’s starting out at little Entebbe!)

You might want to say a prayer for my hubby, too — this will be quite the journey for him as well (over 25 hours from start to finish, and he’s never traveled that long with a child before)!

Wow….I guess my next post will be homecoming photos.

I still don’t believe I’m getting to type that!

Thanks to all who’ve stood with us throughout this incredible, long journey.


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  1. I really cannot imagine what Violet is going through right now. At least she knows she can keep in touch with the pastor and friends through Skype. I remember when Kevin & I first traveled together on the ships, we were on a little tramp cargo ship that went to lots of small ports along the west coast of S America. We were away for probably six months. Then we sailed to NYC. Just seeing the lights of the city coming closer sent me into culture shock – and it was closer to what I was used to than the S American ports. So yes, it’s going to be a massive shift for her. But having the boys when she’s used to being with lots of kids is a definite plus, she obviously loves you and Donnie already, she has Skype, and most importantly, she has Jesus. And lots of people praying for her and her new family. You’ll be fine. It’s a God thing.