Happy New Year, Daughter

Dearest “Pearl”,

It’s an all-new year and though I’d hoped you’d be with us by now, I know there must be a bigger plan or purpose that we can trust, even if it isn’t what we would have planned. God’s timing is always best. Even when we don’t want to wait for it, it’s best that we do.

But I can’t help feeling with my whole heart that within the next month or two, all the remaining pieces are going to fall into place and I’ll be hopping on that plane to come for you!

What we’ve been waiting on is going to happen this year. I just know it.

All the work and waiting and crying and praying — all of it is going to be worth it soon.

So hang in there, sweet girl. Seasons of advent always have an end. No winter ever lasted forever, no sunrise has ever skipped its turn. Your time is coming, and soon, it will be.

Happy New-Year-That-Brings-Us-Together!

We love you,
Mama, Daddy and your brothers

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