Happy Girl

The pastor of Pearl’s orphanage called in the wee hours this morning, and I had the privilege of telling her about our court date.

I could just hear her smiling that million-dollar smile!

Her English is very basic, and she has the most darling accent. She kept saying, “I am happy!” and “I love you.”

Then she said, “I want to speak to my father.”

I never, ever wake Donnie up, but I knew he wouldn’t want to miss this! I think I scared him half to death when I woke him up, though — he jumped like he’d been shot!

They chatted for a moment, and then when I spoke to the pastor again, he said, “This is the most happiest girl, really!”

I think I’ve told you before how growing out her hair is very important to her. She wanted to have hair when we came to adopt her, and so she’s been allowed to grow it. It’s a very special privilege to be able to do that when, for ease of upkeep, the orphans’ heads are routinely shaved. It’s like she views her long hair as a physical manifestation of her hope.

I was amazed when I saw this photo that was sent to me yesterday:













Look at how long her hair is! (Or as the pastor says, “It is very tall”!) It reminds me of a lion’s mane.

Roar, baby, roar! And stay strong — ’cause Mama’s coming!

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  1. Finally, all is as it should be. Such love, joy, and happiness passing across the oceans. God’s love and compassion, in spades. We are so happy for you! With love from Kevin and Kemala.

  2. How wonderful!!!!!! I am so happy for you all & cannot wait til you can hold her in your arms & not just your heart! Time for more pink in that house of blue you have! 🙂