Handling It All

You know, I wouldn’t blame any of you if you decided to quit reading this blog because this adoption story is just too annoying with all its ups- and- downs and extremely long timeline.

Believe me, I often wish I could check out of it all, wave a magic wand and find Miss Pearl HERE, with us, where she’s supposed to be. But still, so many of you ask to be updated on the adoption, so here’s the latest.

Today I am really struggling against discouragement. In the past two days, two friends who started adoption processes AFTER we began ours, have brought their children home. Another one was given a court date for next week. Seeing the happy family pics online is simultaneously wonderful and painful. I know one of the worst things we can do is compare ourselves to others. But I’m human — it’s hard not to.

Why are we having to wait so long, Lord?

It’s been two weeks since I posted about having received the name of the judge assigned to our case. Since then, the crickets have been chirping. I’ve seen multiple posts in an online Ugandan adoption group by people in the same waiting limbo that we find ourselves. And while many of them also have judges’ names, only one of them has received a court date so far.

I wrote a while back about how the Ugandan judges changed posts this summer — something that happens once every three years. (Lucky us — it happens the summer we are trying to adopt!) Well, some prospective adoptive parents, a few of whom are in-country, are telling me that they can’t figure out office space for all the new judges — so none of them have been working.


There’s an old joke among Christians that one should never pray for patience, because that’s like asking God to dump a bunch of trying situations into your lap to teach you that virtue.

Well, I never prayed for patience. But I guess God decided I needed some anyway. So, I’m going to breathe deeply, think peaceful thoughts and pray that doing so gets us to a place where things start moving again.

And, please join me in continuing to pray for the remaining funds to be available, because that’s another issue that has caused a bit of head-banging on my part. As if it wasn’t hard enough to see all these other adoption journeys coming to fruition, yesterday I found out that two promised resources aren’t coming through for us and it just leaves me saying, “OK, God. You knew about this. You’re going to have to work it out, because I have NO idea how to handle it all by myself.”

I know it’s going to be totally worth it in the end, but this has been one looonnnngggg uncomfortable pregnancy, y’all. This mama is tired.

God, please help us handle what we’ve been given.

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