Good News!

Today, the day after my birthday, we finally received the gift of some long-awaited news.

(No, not a court date — but almost as good!)

The attorney sent us the name of the judge who’s been assigned to our case, and said that he’s just waiting for them to give him our court date!

According to what I’ve read about other families’ experiences, that probably means we will travel within the next few weeks. Maybe a month.

I totally have butterflies in my stomach!

I told Donnie that it’s like going from an 18-month-long pregnancy straight into a 1-month pregnancy. All three of my boys’ births were scheduled, and today’s feelings are the same as when the doctor gave us the induction or c-section date: excited, hopeful, panicked because there still is SO much to do!

So now, after all these months of praying, “God, please hurry” I’m praying for the grace of at least a few weeks to finish getting things together –and finish raising funds!

(And on that note, if you ever wanted to donate to our adoption, ummm…NOW would be a really good time!!!)

Our older sons’ youth group has been praying specifically that Pearl would be here by her next birthday in October. It’s looking like that’s going to happen!

To God be the glory, forever and ever — Amen!

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