Dream Sign

Years ago, I painted some little wooden word signs to sell at a craft fair.

I think there was “Faith” and “Family” and a few others that sold. Nobody bought “Believe” or “Dream” so those ended up being displayed in our own home. They’ve been around so long, I don’t think any of us really notice them anymore.

Except for my 4-year-old, who is really into words — he’s basically taught himself how to read with very little input from me. He loves the magnetic letters on the fridge, road signs, printed material any and everywhere. So of course he noticed these signs. And the past few days, he’s been asking to play with them.

“Mom, I need ‘believe’,”he pleads, wiggling his fingers on outstretched arms, reaching for a shelf four feet above his head.

“Pwease, Mom, can I hold ‘dweam’?”

Well, I let him play with them earlier today and after everyone had gone to bed, I sat down in my chair to watch TV. And then I glanced over at my end table and saw this:

I’ve had that sweet picture of Pearl beside my chair for about a year now. I don’t know exactly how much a four-year-old understands about adoption, or what we tell him about who this girl is, but I’m pretty darn sure he’s not deep enough yet to have been intentional about where he placed that sign.

But oh, I understood the significance of it. And God knew that I would. And I think that it’s pretty amazing to see it today of all days, because four weeks ago this very moment we were getting ready for court and I can’t even articulate our frustration that a whole month later, we still don’t have a ruling from the judge. Everything is on hold, in limbo yet again, and sometimes I just don’t know what to DO with myself, I get so stressed!

But then God sends this reminder to encourage me. And I know that I must trust that His timing IS indeed, perfect, even when it makes no sense to me.

I’m still smiling over this happening tonight. It’s like a little love note from Him to keep hoping, to keep pressing on, to never give up on the dream He’s placed in our hearts.

Thank you, Father God.

“But God will never forget the needy;

the hope of the afflicted will never perish.”

-Psalms 9:18 (NIV)

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