Travelogue: Day One

We didn’t think this day would ever come, then BAM! Friday, January 17th was finally here and it was time to go meet our girl! After lots of tears on my part, picking up Nana to stay with the boys, separation anxiety for me and the kids, tons of cleaning and packing (we ended up… Continue reading Travelogue: Day One

Travelogue: Day Two

(Continued from Day One) The air in Cairo had been cool, but even at 3:00 a.m. the Ugandan night air was warm and damp. We tiredly shuffled down the steps onto the tarmac and another 20 paces into the nearly-deserted terminal, where the air was just as humid and still inside. We got in line… Continue reading Travelogue: Day Two

Travelogue: Day Three

I can’t recall ever having been so dehydrated. The midnight to noon hours of that January Monday are one big blurry memory of the same repetitive sequence: stomach cramps, rush to the bathroom, wash hands with terrible-smelling hotel soap, flop back in bed, try to sleep. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. After the first couple of times,… Continue reading Travelogue: Day Three

Travelogue: Day Four – Court

Donnie woke up at sunrise again, and snapped pictures from our balcony. Kampala sunrises are beautiful, especially when they’re full of hope like ours was one month ago today. My stomach was still giving me grief, so I skipped going down for breakfast. My gourmet morning meal consisted of one pretzel, a few sips of… Continue reading Travelogue: Day Four – Court

Travelogue: Day Four – Part Two

(Continued from Day Four – Court) Nothing like having a machine-gun-toting guard giving you a once-over before being allowed entrance to a mall parking lot! Cafe Javas, the restaurant our driver Francis suggested for our after-court late afternoon meal, was located at the corner of a small shopping mall. Security is tight at these locations… Continue reading Travelogue: Day Four – Part Two