Twenty Reasons: Three

Counting down twenty reasons to love this sweet girl God has placed into our lives, and today I’m thinking about her optimism. I wish I had a pair of rose-colored glasses up for sale, because that would go perfectly with this post. My little girl sees the best in people, believes the best, trusts God… Continue reading Twenty Reasons: Three

Twenty Reasons: Four

Twenty reasons to love this little girl we’re adopting, and one of the big ones is her generosity. Which probably doesn’t make much sense given that we are 8,000 miles apart, and all her worldly possessions could fit inside a shoebox. But oh, how she blesses me with her prayers. And with her words of… Continue reading Twenty Reasons: Four

Twenty Reasons: Five

The fifth entry in this series of reasons we love this little girl involves the memory of the first time we connected with her through Skype. It was after we’d decided to pursue her adoption, and though she already knew of us through what she’d seen and heard from the pastor, she wanted to speak… Continue reading Twenty Reasons: Five


I suppose this is a feeling that I need to get used to, a feeling that I need to ask God to help me subdue. We’ve pretty much selected a lawyer in Uganda — as long as he replies favorably to the next two questions I’m sending him, we plan to go with him. What… Continue reading Antsy

Twenty Reasons: Six

Reason number six that I love my sweet Pearl? Her softness. Obviously, I’ve never held her, so I don’t know that she will feel soft in my arms…but I feel pretty certain that she will feel just perfect there. Today I’m referring to the softness she projects, and the blessing it will be to have… Continue reading Twenty Reasons: Six

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Twenty Reasons: Seven

I’m learning something about the differences between Ugandan children and American children. Ugandan kids know that being able to go to school is a privilege. Being educated is an honor that not everyone gets to achieve. So they study hard, set big goals and work diligently toward meeting them. American kids –granted, not ALL of… Continue reading Twenty Reasons: Seven

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Twenty Reasons: Eight

My little Ugandan princess is such a happy girl. The strength of character she must have to radiate joy under such adverse circumstances — it just blows me away. I had the privilege of Skyping with her on Saturday. (Please pardon the cheesy editing of what’s a really cute pic of her online with us… Continue reading Twenty Reasons: Eight

Twenty Reasons: Ten

“Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes.” ~David Platt, Radical This probably sounds like a really selfish reason for loving this… Continue reading Twenty Reasons: Ten

JustLove Coffee!

I am super-excited to share our latest fundraising partnership with JustLove Coffee! JustLove offers quality, artisan-roasted coffees from around the world. As copied from the site, “We source only the finest Fair Trade, Direct Trade, organic, and shade-grown coffee beans from the best growing regions around the world. We research the co-ops we work with… Continue reading JustLove Coffee!

Twenty Reasons: Eleven

Perhaps the most superficial of all the reasons I love this little girl, but reason number eleven is this: She’s pretty. Really, really pretty. Yesterday we set up a booth at an outdoor market, to sell some of the items that’ve been donated to our fundraising. I had a framed picture of her, my favorite… Continue reading Twenty Reasons: Eleven