Budget, Revised

Donnie and I agree that if we’re asking friends and family to help us adopt, we have an obligation to keep you posted on how things are going and where the money is (and will be) going.

There have been some changes since my first post, Breaking Down the Costs. You can read the original budget there. The total amount we’re trying to raise is the same; however, the costs have had to be adjusted.

Our fundraising thermometer sits at $1583.00 at the time I’m typing this. $1000 of it is a promise to help with airfare when it’s time to fly, so it’s not cash-on-hand at the moment. $400 was used to help meet the $937 home study fee. The remaining $183 is what we have now to apply toward the next fee, which is $890 to USCIS for visa processing and biometrics.

We’ve also decided that, to save money, I will fly to Uganda alone. Originally, Donnie was going to go for the first court date, and then I and our eldest son would travel together for the second court date and the lengthier stay. But it makes more sense to just go alone. However, that impacts the in-country expense because I won’t be staying at a house and cooking my own meals now–I’ll be at a hotel or guest house and will have more meals at restaurants/cafes. I also found out that Pearl will be staying with me the entire time as well. So that requires a double room and the cost of feeding her daily.

I’ve also learned that the Ugandan attorney/legal fee estimate I was given was seriously outdated. The fees are double what I first budgeted.

Here is the newest budget breakdown:

INS and Biometrics Fees: $900

My Airfare: $1600

Airfare (one way for Pearl)=$1000

Hotel or Guest House (conservative estimate; stay could be longer): $70/night x 30 nights=$2100

Food: $15/day x 30 days x 2=$900

Ugandan Lawyer/Legal Fees/Court Costs: $4000

Transportation in-country: $1000

Miscellaneous: $1500

“Miscellaneous” includes things such as Pearl’s physical exam, winter clothing for her to have when she gets here, getting her some toiletries, etc. that she needs and all the other little things that pop up when traveling abroad.

So, there you have it — our newest cost estimates! We’re keeping it all as bare-bones as possible so it can happen as soon as possible!

Feel free to ask questions, and know that we sincerely thank our Father God for your support!

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