Breaking Down the Costs

I’ve had several people ask how we came to a figure of $12,000 for our fundraising, so I thought I’d write a post to explain how it all breaks down.

Right now, we are waiting on the completed home study report from the social worker. Once that arrives, we have to file a petition with immigration to bring our daughter to the United States. That fee is our next big expense.

The $12,000 is made up of this:

INS and Biometrics Fees: $900

Airfare: $1600 x 3=$4800

Airfare (one way for Pearl)=$1000

House Rental: $300

Food: $10/day x 30 days x 2=$600

Ugandan Lawyer/Legal Fees/Court Costs: $2000

Transportation in-country: $1000

Miscellaneous: $1400

There is another $1500 or so that we have spent on passports, state fingerprinting and the home study fee, but since these were broken up into little amounts that were easy enough to pay along the way, I didn’t include them in our fundraising budget.

The miscellaneous category includes things like electricity and water at the rental house, buying a small stove to cook on (who knew that wouldn’t be a fixture in the house?) plus utensils and other household things we’ll need. It also includes extra for any medical expenses we might incur in-country for our daughter (or ourselves), and some winter clothing for her, as it will most likely be cold here when we bring her home.

We really have tried to keep the budget as bare-bones as possible, because we know that money is tight for everyone these days and we want to be good, frugal stewards of what’s being donated. That is one reason we’re opting to stay in a house owned by a friend of the orphanage’s pastor, instead of a hotel or guest house, because it’s a big money-saver, not only in rental fees but in being able to cook our own meals instead of eating out.

So, there you have it! If you have any questions, just ask! Thanks!


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