You probably already know that adoption usually comes with a hefty price tag. Of course, to those of us adopting, it’s like those MasterCard commercials –priceless– but the reality is that building a family this way is expensive, especially for ordinary, middle-class folks like us. The type of adoption we’re doing is called an independent… Continue reading Fundraising

Our Adoption Story

I’m Kari, he’s Donnie and we’ve been blessed with three amazing sons. Zach is 14, Eli is 10 and Jonah is almost 3. To lots of people, three kids is plenty. To many, it’s more than enough. To us, it’s just a really good start on the big family we always dreamed of having. We… Continue reading Our Adoption Story

A Painting for Pearl

To honor the generous donors who support our adoption, I’m making a painting for our daughter’s room. Every person who donates — in any amount — can choose a flower, butterfly or leaf to be painted on the tree, as well as the color of it. You can also ask me to include your initials… Continue reading A Painting for Pearl


We’ve gotten this question from a few people with whom we’ve shared our news. Oh, there are SO many answers to this question, and I plan to write about several of them over the next few months. But one of them is something I saw in a quote online today. It was written by David… Continue reading But…why?

Breaking Down the Costs

I’ve had several people ask how we came to a figure of $12,000 for our fundraising, so I thought I’d write a post to explain how it all breaks down. Right now, we are waiting on the completed home study report from the social worker. Once that arrives, we have to file a petition with… Continue reading Breaking Down the Costs

Ten Percent!

One thing I am learning about this adoption process: ain’t nothing about it easy, except loving the little one you’re pursuing. It’s been a roller-coaster ride the past two days. Yesterday was our home visit from the social worker. It went fabulously well — SO much better than I imagined. She barely glanced around each… Continue reading Ten Percent!

The Next Steps

This week, I’ve had the privilege of adding more money to our fundraising thermometer, and sharing THIS post about an absolutely lovely donation made by my sweet friend, Julie. I’ve also uploaded some other neat items to our Fundraising Store, and there’s even more to add soon. It’s been a good week. We’re also only… Continue reading The Next Steps

Aww, Man!

Apparently, I was confused about the home study process. I thought that I’d walk out of today’s meeting with the completed report in my hands. As one of my favorite old TV characters, Fred Sanford, would say, “You big dummy!” It isn’t as if the social worker misled us; it was all there in the… Continue reading Aww, Man!

Twenty Reasons: One

I’m starting something new today: for the next 20 days, I’m going to feature one of the products in our store along with a reason that we love this little girl we’re adopting. As you know, on this site, we call her “Pearl” and she truly is more valuable to us than the world’s most… Continue reading Twenty Reasons: One

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