Auction Update and More News

Our silent auction fundraiser ended tonight, with an official grand total of $968 raised.

I am truly grateful for each of our friends and family members who purchased items to help us, and of course, am very thankful for all the generous souls who donated things for us to sell. Without them, there wouldn’t have been an auction!

If I’m totally honest, though, I’m feeling a wee bit disappointed. I was hoping we’d raise at least $3,000 — the total combined fair market value of all the items donated was $10,584, which means we only raised 9.4% of what was potentially there.

But…that just means that the remaining items are going to be listed on eBay or put back into our fundraising shop on this site (which should be live again tomorrow). I will share the eBay links as I have them.

I also plan to go this Saturday to the local outdoor flea market, pay $10 for a space and see what I can sell that way. I plan to do that every Saturday between now and the time we leave for Uganda. So please keep praying for God to bless these efforts!

We still need at least $2,000 for me to feel totally comfortable traveling and knowing that all our expenses are going to be covered. But having even more money in savings would be fabulous, because the more money I can raise, the more I can bless our Pearl’s orphanage while I’m there! I dream of being able to go on a big shopping spree before Pearl and I come back home, leaving the kids with food, blankets, clothing and school supplies — enough to last a while! We are traveling as bare-bones as possible, staying in a very basic guesthouse and eating as cheaply as we can while there, in the hopes of blessing the orphanage with any surplus. And I also hope to give the kids at least one or two fun experiences that they wouldn’t have otherwise, such as throwing one big American-style birthday party so that ALL the children can be celebrated!

In other news, we received copies of our court affidavits and have had them signed, notarized, scanned and sent back to Uganda. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m an eternal optimist — I am SURE I’m going to be told our court date very soon!

Thanks again for all the continued love, prayers and support!




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