I suppose this is a feeling that I need to get used to, a feeling that I need to ask God to help me subdue.

We’ve pretty much selected a lawyer in Uganda — as long as he replies favorably to the next two questions I’m sending him, we plan to go with him. What is killing me — KILLING me, mind you — is his answer to my last question.

“How long do you estimate our wait will be for our first court date after you receive our paperwork?”

After explaining the process of what to send, to where, and his retainer fee, he said:

“…you can get a date in the last week of September 2012.”

I had no clue it could possibly be that quickly. I thought once he had our dossier, it would take a few months to get on the court calendar. I was floored to learn it could only take a month.

Which would be GREAT cause for excitement if only we weren’t still waiting.

Waiting for the hard copy of our home study to come in the mail (promised ANY day now).

Waiting to process the forms through USCIS (which I’ve heard can take anywhere from two weeks to two and a half months!).

Waiting to earn/raise/beg/borrow/steal (OK, not steal) enough money for all of that, which, by the time you add in notary fees, shipping, etc. is about $4,000.


Toe-tapping, nail-biting, annoying waiting.

Is anyone really good at waiting? Because I used to think I was OK with it. Now, not so much…

Because the longer we have to wait to get our girl, the more we are missing.

Missing her hugs.

Missing her smile.

Missing all these precious minutes, hours and days that she will never be this young again.

I know it’s all part of the process. I knew that when we started. I know it’s actually a lot less time than people who adopt from other countries have to endure.

And I’m excited to think that, if by some great miracle, we have the resources and USCIS processes quickly, we could have a court date in October or November. And this little girl’s daily prayer to join us before the end of the year would come true!

I want that for her. I want that for us. God, give us patience while we’re waiting.


    1. Great minds think alike! LOL I’ve been humming that song ever since I started writing that post! Thanks for sharing…and I haven’t forgotten what you said about making a button…I’ve just been so busy! Hugs to you and cutie-pie FAR!