Another Separation

Tomorrow, I fly home without our girl.

Things did not go well at the embassy on Monday. It’s really too long and boring to type out, so I’ll summarize by saying that it was due to paperwork errors that are largely the fault of our completely inept attorney. Or, former attorney, that is. We have hired a new one that is helping us get things sorted out. God willing, it will all be finished in a couple of weeks and Donnie will fly back to attend the last embassy appointments, get her visa and fly her home.

Violet and Me

We’ve had a good time together this week. She’s not doing very well with the news that she has to go back to the pastor’s house. It’s not that she has anything against him — he and his wife, “Auntie”, are very loving toward her and I can tell that they all genuinely enjoy being around one another.

But returning there wasn’t part of the plan. It’s not her permanent home. She was SO looking forward to getting on that plane with me this week. She was texting Donnie tonight and begging him to make me stay here with her until the visa comes. It’s just totally heartbreaking to hear this, and to see her cry. She is such a strong girl — for her to cry openly truly shows how upset she is about this.

I wish I could stay, but for reasons I’m not at liberty to discuss here yet, I have to get home. I’d allotted three weeks for this trip, and everyone seemed to believe we could wrap it up in two. It’s frustrating that we couldn’t do it. It’s irritating that this child who has already hurt so much has to hurt some more, all because of stupid red tape and ignorant attorneys.

I’m just so weary of my heart being torn between two sides of the globe. But here we go again — another “goodbye for now.” Another time of waiting. We’re all just so sick and tired of waiting.

As I’ve heard before, redemption is costly. It cost Jesus his life. As we approach Easter weekend, I’m reflecting a lot on the idea of redemption. And what I’m giving up for her sake, the pain we’re all going through, of course it will all be worth it in the end.

Just please keep our sweet girl in your prayers…

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  1. How very disappointing. Please tell her that all her new friends on the other side of the world are sad, too, and that we will be praying. One good thing – you will be able to spread the word about that attorney, and others won’t have to go through ridiculous delays of his doing (or not doing). How infuriating. And expensive. But– God turns ALL things to good– remind your daughter of that, too. We don’t see the good yet, but it’s there!

  2. Hi! We have court in Uganda next month and I think you used the same driver that we are using! And where did you stay? We are using Rebecca as our attorney. I am so sorry to read this…I have been following your blog and was so sad you had to leave! Can you email me and let me know what happened at embassy? am SO worried about that appt because I have read everything has to be perfect! Prayers to you and your family and for your sweet girl in Uganda.