And the latest news is…

…that another week passed without receiving our court date.

BUT…that doesn’t mean good things aren’t happening!

  • I heard that our judge will begin filling her docket on October 1st. So that is just around the corner.
  • I’ve gotten some really great input about guesthouses and other information regarding my temporary life in Uganda.
  • I’m hearing that the visa and embassy processes are going much faster now than they were in the spring. (Please pray it remains that way!)
  • Our October Food Box Fundraiser is up and running — check it out!
  • Miss Pearl is doing very well and I hear that she’s growing a lot. (Please pray that the clothing we have for her will still fit!)
  • I’ve been promised new pics of her very soon!

Just wanting to keep you all posted. I feel in my gut that it’s going to be soon, that it’s going to go well, and soon we’ll begin this new chapter of life together. Thanks, as always, for caring about us and praying for our journey.

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