Across the Miles

You see those cards at all the major holidays: Merry Christmas from Across the Miles. Happy Valentine’s Day from Across the Miles.

How about, “Our Hearts are Hurting Across the Miles”?

I just heard from the orphanage’s pastor that our daughter is struggling emotionally right now. I know things can get a bit lost in translation sometimes, but he said something along the lines that when we left, she said we took her new life with us and she is sad whenever we are apart. She asks him several times a day when we’re coming back.

Poor man. It must drive him crazy at times. But he has the patience of Job.

He said that he and his wife try to come up with things to distract her thoughts, so she isn’t brooding over our absence all the time. She didn’t strike me as a very “broody” girl, but I know at her age, it’s pretty easy to slip into that, and of course, she was on something of a high the whole time we were there. I hate thinking of her feeling insecure about our return, but I keep thinking of my sons here, and how little they understand about complex things like this — and how hard it is for them to wait for things that mean a lot to them. Add to that what I’ve read about how kids from orphanages can be several years behind developmentally compared to non-institutionalized children, and she’s probably understanding this from the viewpoint of an even younger child.

You who are parents know — nothing hurts worse than knowing your child is hurting. Nothing. And I’m so thankful for the pastor, and his wife, and our daughter’s friends (especially the older, motherly girls at the orphanage) who look after her, hug her, and comfort her when we can’t.

We just need that court ruling to come in NOW, so that we can move on to making concrete return travel plans. She needs another date to hold on to, another goal to attach her hope to.

Please join us in praying for her peace, and for a speedy resolution to this process. Thanks!


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