A Look Inside

I had the pleasure of hearing from a friend, I’ll just call her “B”,  who met our daughter yesterday. What she told me has had me smiling all day long.

Before I tell you what she said, I have to explain why this meant so much to me. The pastor of the orphanage has become a dear friend of ours in the year and a half that we’ve known him, and he has told me a good bit about our girl. But I didn’t realize until I heard from B how little insight I had into her personality.

Of course there’s what I’ve gleaned from the times we’ve Skyped–she seems to exude a sweetness that’s hard to describe. But when Pastor tells me about her, he usually tells me about things she does, not who she is. Which I know is mostly a “guy thing”.

I know that she consistently places in the top 5% of her class and serves as class monitor when the teacher needs to step out. She’s always in the middle of things, offering a helping hand. She is prayerful and interested in what’s going on with others. She likes keeping things neat and tidy.

But this is what B said to me: “This little girl is the sweetest child ever. She is so humble and loves you…She is BEAUTIFUL…so humble, and you’re not going to believe it…she’s an angel!”

Maybe you have to know B’s voice to understand the “you’re not going to believe it” reference, but she says that when she’s at a loss to explain something…I could just hear her, bubbling over as I’ve heard her before when she’s told me about something she feels passionate about.

B is a grandmother, and I think back to my own precious grandmothers, and how both of them could accurately determine a person’s character within minutes of meeting them. So for her to immediately pick up on humility and sweetness from my child — it just meant so much to me.

It was a precious look inside Pearl’s soul that we haven’t yet gotten to see from so far away. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy and grateful, so incredibly thankful to God for leading us to this sweet little girl.

And B sent the most precious picture of them hugging. I’m still not sharing full faces yet, for privacy reasons, but this gives you an idea of how sweet it is.

I just can’t wait until those are my arms wrapped around that little angel.

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  1. Hi Kari. Thank you for sharing your heart for Pearl. She truly does sound like an angel. kemala and I look fwd to hearing of the day when you’ll finally be able to bring her home. Merry Christmas!