A Good Update

Sadly, this isn’t a court date announcement, but… God’s been working on our daughter’s behalf.

I love how He does that; even when we feel like losing hope, He never stops working for us, advocating for us, being our daddy.

He is good. All the time!

And as our friend Andy reminded us in church this morning, God is crazy about kids, orphans in particular. They are His holy heart.

First bit of good news: we don’t have to spend $2K on an additional private investigation after all! That is huge! There might be some adoptive parents who will disagree with this decision, but we, our attorney and the child advocacy group we contacted all feel that in our case, it’s just not necessary. Every part of Pearl’s story has checked out as true; the attorney and probation officer say that every document is real and verified. I really appreciated the lawyer’s and advocate/PI’s integrity in this matter, because they could’ve just as easily done the investigation anyway — we’d have spent that money and never known the difference. But they didn’t take advantage of the situation. And that means a great deal to us.

Second bit of good news: a dear friend (and I’ll keep it ambiguous in case this person doesn’t want others to know about this) has offered us lodging during the time that we stay in Pearl’s home town. Again, this is a really big financial blessing!I am just floored by how God is working things out!

Third bit of good news: it’s looking very encouraging for a late August/sometime-in-September court date. So please, please pray that it’s so, and that this sweet girl is home with us before her birthday in October!


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